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Looking for an edge?


You’re the kind of person who strives to make an impact at work and in your community, and you understand that the key to this lies in how you engage with people. 

You want to get to the core of things and discover how they interconnect—without reading a 400-page book on every subject.

You’re looking for a resource that will fill you with energy and inspiration, support you with concrete tools, and give you the edge you need to generate real results.



To make you reflect

Curated short stories from real-life experiences; gathered through years of working with organizations across the globe and in a variety of industries.


To inspire you

A unique perspective on the most frequent challenges that people face at work. Supported by comparative research in social psychology, business management, neuroscience, systems theory, social organizing, and politics.


So you can take action

A custom-made toolbox, combining innovative and time-tested models, guides, and actionable tips so that you can get immediate results.

and Much More

  • Reflection questions to trigger new thought patterns

  • Challenges to take action

  • Opportunities to share your own experience

  • Reference links to all books, articles, and studies cited

  • Coming soon: use of diverse media so that you can choose the format that best suits your needs

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