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This is a place for you to get inspiration, insights, and tools that will help you tap into your own potential—and the potential of others—so that you can make a lasting impact at work.

All information shared here is drawn from an intersection of real-life experiences and research (Social Psychology, Neuroscience, Business Management, Ecology, Systems Theory, Potitical Science, Social Organizing, and Pre-History)


Please share your own experiences (challenges and successes), thoughts, and questions to help expand the conversation.

A place for you to get inspiration, insights, and tools that will help you influence people and make a lasting impact at work

Adam O'Neill Holcher

For over two decades, I have worked with professionals all over the world, developing their skills in communication, leadership, and impact.

I believe everyone has amazing potential, which they can tap into if only given a bit of support and encouragement. I also believe that a group of people can accomplish spectacular things if they learn to really see each other, listen to one another, and harness the power of combining diverse perspectives.

I'm a total nerd, and have quite a passion for studying research. I also love to compare the different theories and models from various fields and see how they apply to situations at work.

My experience and research has shown me time and again that there are fundamental truths about human nature: some of which have been around since the dawn of humanity—but have been lost in modern times—and others that have only recently been discovered (or re-discovered) based on cutting-edge research. I would love to share these with you and hopefully make a difference in your career and life.

Adam O'Neill Holcher
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